Our Technology

We Are Developing
A Revolutionary Solar String Inverter

Our unique approach is built upon the research of our CTO, Prof. Robert Erickson, whose lab at the University of Colorado-Boulder has received over $4.4M in funding from the Department of Energy for SiC power electronics research.

The direct replacement of silicon devices with Silicon Carbide components only leads to incremental improvements – it does not reduce the size or weight. That’s why BREK has redesigned the inverter from the ground up using composite architecture optimized for Silicon Carbide.

We’ve developed our inverter with revolutionary technology, including:


A new circuit design with planar magnetics and ceramic capacitors for automated assembly

250kW power conversion with significantly reduced size​


Order of magnitude reduction in film capacitor size​

Failure rate improvements in converter architecture and associated capacitor currents


Significant reduction in system loss through fundamental improvements in converter architecture


BREK inverters have two 250kW Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) zones.

Fundamental technology drives a new level of low cost per watts


The Advantages of BREK's Solar String Inverter

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Reduction of Capital Expenditures​
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Reduction in Lifetime Operating & Maintenance Costs​
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Power Density Compared to Today’s Models