Our new disruptive Silicon
Carbide based composite
architecture is transforming
the power electronics industry

Enabling a More Efficient Future

Discover how BREK Electronics is creating the future of energy and building a brighter tomorrow with its high-efficiency Silicon Carbide power electronics platform.

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Our Technology Applications

Solar String Inverters

BREK Electronics has redesigned Solar String Inverters using novel composite architecture optimized for Silicon Carbide (SiC) components. This enables industry leading 4 x power density in a surprisingly lighter and more compact system.

Home Energy Management and EV Charging

In partnership with Emporia Energy, we are developing a bi-directional electric vehicle charger that will not only transfer power from the grid and home to the vehicle but also from the vehicle back to the home and grid.

Custom Applications

Have an application for high power density, high-efficiency Power Electronics? Please reach out to us with your inquiry. BREK offers licensing of its existing portfolio as well as custom solutions to meet your needs.

Silicon Carbide Composite Architectures

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Kala Majeti

President and Co-founder

Dr. Kala Majeti is an expert in IP licensing having worked at The University of Colorado–Boulder in their Technology Transfer Office. She previously founded 4 startups and has over a decade of experience in the global solar industry. Dr. Majeti has over 25 years of experience in product and business development including senior management positions at AT&T and Lucent Technologies’ Bell Laboratories.

Prof. Robert Erickson

Co-founder and CTO

Prof. Robert Erickson is a world-renowned expert in Silicon Carbide Power Electronics. Prof. Erickson’s power electronics lab at the University of Colorado-Boulder has received over $4.4M in funding from the Department of Energy for SiC converter research, and BREK is built upon this foundation.

Solar String

Battery Energy
Storage Solutions

EV Bi-directional

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Silicon Carbide - the Future of Power Electronics

“Silicon Carbide’s advantages can be summed up in one word – efficiency,”
explains Alexander Duval of Goldman Sachs Research.

Our unique patented technology from world renowned power electronics expert, Prof. Robert Erickson, uses circuits designed to optimize for the strengths of each component: from SiC MOSFETS to state-of-the-art capacitors to planar magnetics. Our power electronics cores run at higher frequencies resulting in lower losses and higher efficiency.

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BREK Selected as Semifinalist for American-Made Solar Prize!